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Prayer Life    In   McCracken


God values our prayer whether it's spoken or made in silence. The prayer group continues to meet every Sunday morning in the committee room/ Minor Hall at 10:15 am until 10:40 am. Everyone is free to come and go to accommodate other church duties.

Everyone is most welcome to join in this time of corporate prayer. Confidentiality is observed at all times for personal prayers


Prayer Points

Prayer Changes Things!

Week Beginning:

31st March

As we celebrate the resurrection this Easter week thank God for His power at work in the Lord Jesus. Pray for the Holy Spirit to demonstrate that power in our worship and witness and ask for wisdom to have congregational priorities that put Jesus first.

7th April 

Pray for the Tuesday Luncheon Circle. Between 30 and 40 ‘seniors’ come along to the luncheon circle to enjoy a lovely cooked lunch, and the chance to get out and meet with others. Pray for all those who work so hard to make this outreach of our church such a success.

14th April

Pray this week for those you know in care, perhaps being cared for at home, or in a care home, or in hospital. Thank God for the care they receive and pray that their carers will be given special strength and encouragement.

21st April

Pray that God will help us to honour Him in all we do in our daily life. Ask for grace to be a people who are attractively different. Humbly ask that God might use us to lead others to Jesus and be prepared to be open to how God might use us – even when that is in a place or in a way that we don’t expect.

28th April

Pray for Taughmonagh Church asking for God’s guidance for the congregation, and all those involved in discerning what’s best for the future according to God’s will and purpose. Pray for their vacancy convenor, Rev Kathryn Viner and for the congregation and Kirk Session that they will continue to know God’s care, blessing, and provision through this time of uncertainty.

Prayer Request


Prayer request cards and envelopes are on the central vestibule table and should be placed in the accompanying box when completed. They will be collected each Sunday by the prayer group leader. Please be reassured that all requests are treated with the utmost confidenality.

You can also send us your prayer requests through the form below. These will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.



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