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Prayer Life    In   McCracken


God values our prayer whether it's spoken or made in silence. The prayer group continues to meet every Sunday morning in the committee room/ Minor Hall at 10:15 am until 10:40 am. Everyone is free to come and go to accommodate other church duties.

Everyone is most welcome to join in this time of corporate prayer. Confidentiality is observed at all times for personal prayers


Prayer Points

Prayer Changes Things!

Week Beginning:

5th April 

Pray for those who work in healthcare, whether they are nurses, porters, doctors, carers, ancillary staff or suppliers. Pray for safety and strength as they work. Pray for stamina and resilience.

12th April

Pray that the church would be a calming presence and radiant light in the face of so much confusion and darkness. In this time of great anxiety, pray that God’s people would be ready to meet the world with the comfort and hope that only the good news of Jesus Christ can offer.
Pray that we as God’s people would be reminded of our hope in Christ and the truth that our Saviour who died and rose for us has already overcome the world.
Pray that we would be people who read his Word and take both his call and his promises to head and heart.

19th April

Pray for the leaders of the World Health Organization and other important agencies as they give advice to the global community. Pray for developing countries whose health care provisions are not up to coping with this crisis. 
Pray too for refugees and migrants around the world whose living situations might leave them vulnerable and exposed.

26th April

Pray for those people who are presently unwell in hospital or at home and need God’s loving touch because they are suffering the effects of Covid-19. May they feel God’s power of healing through the care of doctors and nurses. 

3rd May

Pray for those whose jobs or hours have been cut due to economic downturn. Pray for parents who are struggling to work and care for their children.

 Pray especially for healthcare workers (and for essential workforce) as they seek childcare options.

Pray for those who are anxious about their financial security as a direct result of this crisis.

10th May
Pray for the help that local foodbanks like Storehouse and other practical organizations can bring to families in need in these days. 
Pray that the stock in foodbanks would be sufficient to meet the demand in the community.


17th May

Pray for people who are more likely than others to become severely ill from Covid-19 — the elderly and people with chronic health conditions. Lord protect them from harm and be their comfort in this time of uncertainty.

24th May

Pray that children struggling with the loss of routine may experience a sense of calm in their loss of the familiar. Pray that parents working from home and looking after children will be able to juggle responsibilities.

Pray for teachers preparing work to put online will be able to be creative in supplying learning outside the classroom.

31st May

Pray for frontline workers and for effectiveness in the essential tasks they are carrying out. Pray that medical staff would find energy and strength and be enabled to use their gifts and skills to help those most in need. Pray that food suppliers and retailers would be able to cope with the extra pressure of delivery, stocking shelves and selling to customers in stressful circumstances.


Prayer Request


Prayer request cards and envelopes are on the central vestibule table and should be placed in the accompanying box when completed. They will be collected each Sunday by the prayer group leader. Please be reassured that all requests are treated with the utmost confidenality.

You can also send us your prayer requests through the form below. These will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.



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