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Bible and Breakfast

Young people are invited to go out half way through the service for ‘Bible and Breakfast’


Young people attending Bible and Breakfast leave  the church service after the  children's  praise  to go over  to  the  church office where we meet. We go through different Bible studies to help young people to go deeper in their relationship with God and take ownership of their faith. 

We meet three Sundays of the month. On the last Sunday of the month young people stay in for the church service. On this Sunday we also meet before the service at 10am in Starbucks on the Lisburn road.


CrackerJax is our Friday night Youth Club for all in P6 up to 4th years. 

We meet from 7pm until 9pm. Friday nights normally consist of table tennis, table football, board games, tuck shop and some competitive games. This upcoming term we are going to be having themed nights. 

Everyone is welcome to come along.

Youth Fellowship

Youth Fellowship meets on Sunday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

 Sunday nights normally consist of some games, some food and some teaching.  

Everyone is welcome to come along.

Praise Group

On the first Sunday of the month, our Praise Group helps to lead the church worship. They lead the first three songs and we are developing as we go. 

We are always looking for more young people to be involved with the Praise Group. So, if you can play an instrument or you can sing and would like to be involved, contact Bethan.

Practices happen after Church on Sunday Mornings.



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